Brief Info

Techna-X AeroBeidou Sdn Bhd (“TXAB”) is the only company in the world at the moment capable of producing Ruthenium based Super Capacitors and have the exclusive global distributor of Ruthenium based Super Capacitors, outside of China. TXAB performs research and development, production and sales of Super-Capacitors, and provides the following industries with “supercapacitor +” enhanced energy storage solutions.

  • Passenger Vehicles - Ultra-capacitor components used for Electric Vehicles
  • Wireless Communications - Ultra capacitors used in boosting wireless communication signal
  • Heavy Transport Vehicles - Energy storage for heavy machinery such as military vehicle and satellites
  • Renewable Energy Systems - Energy storage for high power industry such as solar energy, hydro power, and etc
  • Power Surge Supplies - Used as a major component in backup power supply
  • Industrial and Consumer Electronic - Used in small devices and home products such as mobile devices, RFID, and etc.