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A leader in the digital business transformation solution space in Malaysia, offering game-changing enabled platforms focusing on digital economies.

TouchPoint is led by Vince Ng Chee Seng, who is also the Head of Technology division of Techna-X, leading the Group’s mobile and digital solutions business. With over 20 years of experience in founding and growing technology companies, Vince has successfully brought start-ups from drawing board to commercialization.

Among his notable success are TouchPoint International Sdn Bhd, which he co-founded and has since been acquired as part of Techna-X (previously known as Sino Hua-An Group) in 2019, and Okulus Networks Inc., a technology start-up in Ottawa that he co-founded and has successfully undergone trade sale in 2008. His other successful commercial deployments including Free Alliance Sdn Bhd, a Khazanah Nasional Funded wireless sensor solutions company in healthcare, manufacturing, education, logistics and transportation sectors.

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