Brief Info

An innovative software development company with focus on cutting edge technologies.

MD Labs is led by Maximilius Abbas Wan, who is also the Head of Business Development of Techna-X. With over 15 years of experience in founding and growing technology companies, The company has successfully developed the a few patent-pending analytical tools used by small corporations to commercialization.

The team bring many years of experience in managing small to large software projects. They help companies to develop mission critical applications from envisioning phase to production. They help teams on several business aspects such as content, marketing, growth. MD Labs develop their own internet products and ideas (delivered through SaaS model).


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning - We put complex algorithms of machine learning, neural networks and deep learning to practical applications to get the most value-added features to make user’s life easier.

IoT and Smart Data - We utilize low power devices in conjunction with powerful cloud architectures to unleash the power of data seemlessly.

Project Highlights