Next Generation Digital Transformation Enabler

Techna-X is the technology division for Sino Hua-An International Berhad. We provide intelligent digital ecosystem and energy storage solutions. Our core technologies include mobile data, IOT, digital infrastructure, deep analytics, business intelligence and ultra capacitor technology.



Intelligent digital ecosystem solutions
Ultra Capacitor based energy storage solutions

“The new economy has to be a networked economy within a comprehensive digital ecosystem”

Recent Acquisitions

Our objective was to create an internal digital ecosystem of players that provides the core technologies that are most required by the modern market. Core technologies here include mobile data, IOT, digital infrastructure, deep analytics and business intelligence.

We sought out best-in-class players who were a strategic fit for our plans to provide end-to-end digital ecosystems with networked intelligence. Each subsidiary company provides a unique and critical capability that we prefer to keep in-house.

As part of this plan, we have an outer ring of partners that we closely work with on a project by project basis. These provide relevant digital capabilities which may be required, but less often than our core competencies.

Industry Problems

Technology remains a highly fragmented market. Most solutions are created through ad-hoc partnerships among technology suppliers – a model that doesn’t provide a sustainable, long-term blueprint for industry growth in an age of networked intelligence.

Also, many tech providers are burdened with legacy issues and compositions that do not match modern requirements. Very often they graft new skills and people on an ad-hoc basis but with a fairly unchanged core.

The business models provided may not be optimised for what is required in these agile times – its no longer easy to insist on a up-front fixed fee model for providing technology.

Our Focus

We have a chance to start with a blank canvas and systematically draw up a lean and efficient blueprint to providing intelligent digital ecosystem solutions. In addition to the end-to-end digital ecosystem tech capability, we can also provide better partnership and business model options to our clients.



TouchPoint International

A leader in the digital business transformation solution space in Malaysia, offering game-changing enabled platforms focusing on digital economies.

Group is focused on:

  • Enterprise Mobile Applications: The introduction of business software systems to SME's or large scale corporations.
  • Smart City Platform: A framework for sensing, for communications, for integration, and for intelligent decision making that involves the community and government bodies.
  • Ecosystem Enabler: Digital Organisations that support business or communities to design mobile processes or systems.
Recently Launched Platforms:
  • Putrajaya Mobile – Platform Partner to Smart Putrajaya
  • M Squared – Super App Community Platform

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Wavetree is an AI enabled IoT solutions provider with its proprietary systems, sensors and platform focused in Agriculture, Healthcare and Retail.

Smart Agriculture

  • Implemented up to 25,000 acres of palm oil plantation in Indonesia, South America and Malaysia.
  • Entered into partnership with leading durian plantation Top Fruit to implement IOT tracing systems into durian plantations in Malaysia.
  • Pilot projects with Genting Plantations, Sime Darby, SALCRA

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MD Labs

MD Labs is the open source leader in smart data intelligence and analytics. Our industry-leading enterprise-ready platforms are used by data scientists in various organizations globally.

MD Labs is a visionary open source software company that specializes in smart data intelligence. They are a company of makers that brings new meaning to the market to help them reimagine what is possible with smart data. Proprietary Smart Data engine and platforms:

  • Sparks - Smart Data Engine.
  • Wizard - Control, shape and clean data.
  • Genesix - Quality visual plots and models.
  • Cosmos - Geospatial data analysis.

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Human Capient

Human Capient is a leader in Organisational Change Management and Transformation, Strategy and Performance Management, and Human Resources and Competency Development.

They have a 12 year track record in serving Fortune 500 Malaysian companies and were listed as a Top 10 Change Management Consulting Service in Asia Pacific by the HRTech Outlook Magazine 2019.

The company specialises change management, manpower improvement, operational efficiency and strategy implementation for Oil & Gas industry, Manufacturing, Banking, IT and Government services.

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  • Transformation process into a Technology company that serves F&B.
  • Validates the unique digital transformation model of Techna-X.
  • Combination of (i) Domain expertise; (ii) Platform solutions; (iii)IOT systems; (iv) Data Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Investment of RM 30 million to expand another 100 outlets in Asia region.
  • Target of RM 100 millon revenues in 3 years.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Techna-X will be a major Artificial Intelligence transformer in the country.

Core Technologies

Core Technologies

Core technologies – mobile data, digital infrastructure, IoT, deep analytics, business intelligence.

Optimal Solution

Optimal Solution

Able to provide optimal solution for large clientele base in the Malaysia and the region:
• Big Data and data driven solutions
• Internal organization optimization solutions
• Complete eco-system solutions and platforms provider
• Optimized knowledge and market learning/intelligence solutions

Digital Ecosystem

Digital Ecosystem

Techna-X has developed a unique digital ecosystem of core technologies that is greatly needed in today’s market. Leading local player in Big Data and Intelligence.


We are providing:

Tranformative Solutions (Defined by objectives and targets)

Intelligent & actionable solutions (driven by data and business insights)

Data analytics and AI (evidence based digital processes)

Deploying the power of Big Data (market intelligence)

Combine client data with Big Data and proprietary intelligence (convert to smart data)

Delivered through digital platforms and mobile apps

Increase client's market performance.

Other Benefits:

Upgrade your business with "Smart Processes"

Enrich capabilities with digitalisation and smart business functions

Seamless business activities through AI and automation.