Brief Info

Wavetree is an AI enabled IoT solutions provider with its proprietary systems, sensors and platform focused in Agriculture, Healthcare and Retail.

TouchPoint is led by Vince Ng Chee Seng, who is also the Head of Technology division of Techna-X, leading the Group’s mobile and digital solutions business. With over 20 years of experience in founding and growing technology companies, Vince has successfully brought start-ups from drawing board to commercialization.

Among his notable success are TouchPoint International Sdn Bhd, which he co-founded and has since been acquired as part of Techna-X (previously known as Sino Hua-An Group) in 2019, and Okulus Networks Inc., a technology start-up in Ottawa that he co-founded and has successfully undergone trade sale in 2008. His other successful commercial deployments including Free Alliance Sdn Bhd, a Khazanah Nasional Funded wireless sensor solutions company in healthcare, manufacturing, education, logistics and transportation sectors.